Community Computers Regina

Because not everyone has access to a computer.

We make it easy to recycle your used computers for FREE!

Since 2006 we have been providing free computers to local families on a referral basis. How do we do it? By taking your old ones through our free computer recycling program.

What we accept for recycling or donated computers and equipment.

We accept usuable computer equipment for our computer donation program. This includes desktops, laptops, monitors and other IT equipment manufactured within the past 3-5 years.

We provide free computer recyling pickup to Regina and surronding area.

Have usable computers that need recycling? Our computer recycling service is perfect for both business and enterprise (certificates of data destruction available).


Our mandate is to provide computers to in need. We do this by accepting used computers, fixing them up and donating them back out to families in need in Regina. Computers are donated by referral only - this means we do not take requests directly from people needing a computer.

Referrals can be made by someone, who in their official capacity at another non profit group or service agency, is aware of the potential recipients situation (ie, can attest to the need). Referrals are made in writing and on official letter head.


That laptop you no longer use would make a positive impact on the life of a Regina high school student. Donate it to Community Computers Regina today.


We give away free computers!

Our mandate to provide computers to individuals and families in need, recent immigrants and the isolated elderly free of charge.

How can you get a free computer? You must be referred to us. We do not take requests directly from those in need of a computer.

Referrals can be made by someone, who in their official capacity at another non profit group or service agency, is aware of the potential recipients situation and circumstance (ie, can attest to the need).

Referrals must be in writing, signed and on official letter head. Typical organizations include schools, churches, local elected officials and community agencies.

The computer recycling and refurbishment process.

We accept computers from the general public, government organizations and businesses.

As a Registered Charity we even issue Donation Tax Receipts for usable computer equipment. Receipts are issued once the equipment has been fully tested and all data on hard drives deleted.

We do pickup donations of usuable used computer equipment.

For computer pickups call us at (306) 205-7522.


All donated computers are professionally scrubbed by experienced volunteer IT professionals to ensure that all data is thoroughly deleted before being donated back out into the community.



We accept both working and non working laptop and notebook compputers for recycling, refurhment and donation to qualified recipients. Even non working laptops may qualify for a donation tax receipt. Presently accepting laptops with Dual Core or higher CPU speed.


Community Computers Regina accepts desktop computers for donation to qualified families, and computer recycling. We are presently accepting working desktop computers with Dual Core processors. Generally speaking only desktop computers that were manufactured within the past six years are suitable for refubishment and donation.


A desktop computer is just a box without a computer monitor. We take working LCD monitors 19 inch or greater. We will also accept working and non working flat panel TV's for recycling, reuse and repair. As with laptops, non working TV`s may be eligible for a donation tax receipt. Give us a call for details.

Enterprise IT Equipment

Your IT rollout partner, Community Computers Regina will come to you to pick up retired servers, desktop and laptop computers, and networking equipment. All hard drives are pulled, recorded and data scrubbed, on or off site, with Certificates of Data Destruction provided where required.


Robert Jozsa

Founder, Community Computers Regina

How it all started

Community Computers Regina began with a simple act of generosity in 2006.

Back in 2006 Robert Jozsa (Founder of Community Computers Regina) was selling used computers for a non profit he worked for. There he met a young family looking to buy their first computer. On deciding what to buy the mother turned to her two kids and asked them if this is what they wanted. She said "Now you understand that if I buy this we can't get you shoes for school." Moved by the choice this family had to make, Robert gave the computer to the family, free of charge.

A computer for school, to do homework or look for work, or buy shoes for the kids. Not a choice any parent should have to make, certainly not a choice a kid should have to make. However it is a choice families in Regina are forced to make every day. We often take for granted many of the things that make living in a digital age possible.

Since 2006 the technology has shifted from desktop computers, to laptops, to tablets and smarts phones and need for access to technology has grown. Today there are many families throughout Regina without regular access to basic computer technology.

We at Community Computers Regina are here to help change that.


Contact Information

RescueTECH provides free use of premises to Community Computers Regina

Community Computers Regina and RescueTECH are located at:

2225 14th Avenue Regina SK S4P 0X9
(306) 205-7522

Schedule A Pickup

If you have more than one usable computer for pickup, we can come out and take that off your hands. Send us the details below and we will take care of the details.

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Community Computers Regina

Because not everyone has access to a computer. Call (306) 205-7522 today!

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